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Agri Feeds offers all the fertilizer and chemicals necessary for healthy land management.


Invasive insect and varmint management as well as noxious weed abatement are an annual challenge for Montana ranchers and farmers. In order to stay ahead of these pests and keep the land producing to its maximum potential, specialized agricultural products are needed. For the large land owner, we offer commercial chemicals that come in increased concentration rates and bulk amounts to make application easy and efficient. Our knowledgeable staff is trained on the latest advancements in the agricultural chemical industry. Leverage our 40+ years of experience in the agricultural sector to solve your land’s challenges.

For the homeowner who is serious about their home’s landscape, many of these chemicals are still available to you in smaller amounts. Unlike the diluted general chemicals at the big box hardware stores, the chemicals we offer are designed for specific weed and insect management. Developing a management strategy that focuses on the primary problem often times saves you money in addition to enabling you to use less chemicals around your home. Using less chemicals keeps your family, pets and local environment safe.


Custom blended fertilizers allow land owners to efficiently solve specific challenges which often results in less fertilizer being applied. We stock several blends of fertilizers blended for the Helena area such as lawn fertilizer, lawn fertilizer with iron, fall blend, garden blend. If very specific soil challenges are the problem, we are able to test soil samples and then mix truly custom blends.

Our four main components of our stock fertilizer are: 21-0-0-24 (Ammonium Sulfate) with its Nitrogen in ammoniacal form, with its high Sulfur content making this a great top dress application, 11-52-0 (Monoammonium Phosphate), A low PH phosphate fertilizer, and 0-0-60 (Straight Potassium or “potash”). From these four components we formulate 4 custom blends that provide year round results.

17-6-4-19 Lawn Blend – Covers 11,000 sq. ft. in a 50lbs. bag
16-6-4-19 Lawn Blend with Iron – Covers 11.000 sq. ft. in a 50lbs. bag.
13-16-11-12 Garden Blend – Covers 11,000 sq. ft. in a 50lbs. bag.
13-13-13-12 Fall Blend – Covers 11,000 sq. ft. in a 50lbs. bag.


Supplied by Treasure State Seed, we offer a wide array of pure and blended seed for lawn, sports field and pasture.

Healthy, lush lawns in Montana require specialized seed mixtures to ensure optimal performance and health. We stock common lawn fescues and specialty athletic turf blends for high traffic areas. Whatever your need, we have the solution.

Agri Feed also supplies seed mixes for pasture. We offer several pasture mixes, dry-land mixes and various other combinations as requested. Like all of our seeds, these are Montana tested and they do well in the sometimes harsh Montana climate. Some require irrigation and others are dry land varieties.